2014-04 New Songs Added!

We just did a major update to our song database to include songs as recent as 2014/04, which includes about 2k Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean songs. Check the new song lists:Song Database

New English songs include latest hits from Katy Perry, John Legend, One republic, Justin Timberlake, Lorde, Bastille and Idina Menzel's "Let it go"! As well as classic songs like "Margaritaville" and more.

Chinese songs have new releases by 孙燕姿,五月天,张韶涵,陈绮贞,罗志祥,伍佰,李唯枫,李代沫,田馥甄,曲婉婷,曹轩宾,周华健,杨宗纬....

3 More Guest Rooms Are Available!

To our dearest customers, we finally have three more guest rooms on our second floor ready! One mini room is designed for small group of 3-4 ppl. The other two can hold group of 6-8. That adds to a total of 7 rooms. The price of the mini room is $39/hr during prime time, and offers per person rate and discount during the non-prime time just as other rooms. The largest party room for group size over 15 is still under renovation. We'll keep everyone posted. 

"Welcome Back to School" Week@KBox

This week is our special "Back to School Celebration" week! Come to Kbox and enjoy a wonderful time before the new school year starts! Sing more, Save more and Enjoy more! Up to 30% off the entire week with a valid student ID. Not Stackable with other offer, discount or coupon. 

Membership Program

We are so exciting to bring the membership program to our loyal customers! 



1. Membership Fee and Disclaimer

$10 a year (no additional tax), starting right after purchasing. The membership is non-transferrable and non-refundable, neither can be cancelled. If lost or stolen, a replacement card can be obtained at the store at the current replacement rate.

2.Member Benefit

Member and only members could enjoy 30% discount on the individual room charge(会员的个人房费消费享受任何时段30%的折扣). The discount is not applied to the snack/drink/dinner items.

3. How to become a member?

Besides the membership fee, members only need to provide 

                   Name/Email/Status(student or Non-student)

Each member would receive a membership card with a specific card number. 

4. How to use the membership card?

Member need present the cards during checkout to receive the discount. 


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