Membership Program

We are so exciting to bring the membership program to our loyal customers! 



1. Membership Fee and Disclaimer

$10 a year (no additional tax), starting right after purchasing. The membership is non-transferrable and non-refundable, neither can be cancelled. If lost or stolen, a replacement card can be obtained at the store at the current replacement rate.

2.Member Benefit

Member and only members could enjoy 30% discount on the individual room charge(会员的个人房费消费享受任何时段30%的折扣). The discount is not applied to the snack/drink/dinner items.

3. How to become a member?

Besides the membership fee, members only need to provide 

                   Name/Email/Status(student or Non-student)

Each member would receive a membership card with a specific card number. 

4. How to use the membership card?

Member need present the cards during checkout to receive the discount. 

K-pop in KBox

To Dear K-pop fans: KBox just added a large selection of Korean pop songs to our database. Check out our Korean song list to find your favorite bands. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Bring your friends to KBox, sing all your favorite songs! We are open on Monday(5/27) as well!


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