New Songs are in! Happy July 4th!

We wish everyone a great July 4th holiday weekend!

Our July new songs features many of the latest top hits in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese. Check out our new song list at Song Database. 中文歌曲主打有周杰伦的《前世情人》和《窃爱》,徐佳莹的《大雨将至》,李荣浩,李健,南拳妈妈,魏如昀,周兴哲等诸多歌手新歌,特别推荐鹿先生乐队的《春风十里》和张碧晨《红玫瑰》。Among English songs we highly recommend One Dance by Drake, Panda by Desiigner and Needed Me by Rihanna. J-pop lovers can find many anime songs and 安室奈美恵's new song"Mint"!


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