Our Story

As we traveled across the ocean to the great city of Pittsburgh, we are deeply impressed by the diligent Steel City spirit and by other fascinating modern innovative industries reside within it.

And we --- a group of passionate and creative students and alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh, came together to make a difference in our own way – opening an Asian style Karaoke club (KTV) to enrich the forms of entertainment for people of Pittsburgh. KBOX offers 9 private boxes of various sizes. The capacity is up to 10 guests for a regular room, up to 4 guests for a mini room and up to 16 guests for our VIP room.

We hope to offer joy and happiness to all friends here in Pittsburgh with music and laughter.
KBOX here sincerely look forward to seeing you!

Each KTV room features:

    • a 50inch flat screen TV
    • high quality audio equipment
    • a 21.5inch touch screen for quick song searching and selection
    • comfortable couch  and other amenity

  • room3
  • room4


To provide best KaraOke experience for our customers, we chose professional audio equipment for all our rooms. Unlike many KaraOke providers who claim their unknow devices “professional KaraOke equipment”, our equipment are all of well-known brands for professional musicians. Our gears are best for live vocal performance and that is what KaraOke is like.

  • Legendary Shure SM58 Microphone

    This is the microphone used by many stars like U2 for their live concerts and even studio recordings. It is specially tailored to faithfully capture the vocal spectrum with minimum distortions.

  • Behringer Mixer

    The voice signals and the accompany music signals are mixed using Behringer mixers. Here in the mixer, digital reverb is added to make your voice sounds even better.

  • Behringer D-series speakers

    These speakers use the advanced class D amplifiers, which is smaller in size but high in output thanks to the much higher energy conversion rate than conventional amplifiers. These speakers are small but loud.

VOD (Video On Demand) system

We developed our own VOD (Video On Demand) system for quickly searching our huge song database (approximately 80,000 songs with more than 13,000 songs in English and growing) for the song you want to sing. We provide search by

    • song name
    • singer
    • language
    • mixed search
    • handwriting recognition search.

We are continuously updating our software based on customer feedbacks. Since we created our VOD system, we can put in new features much faster than any other KaraOke providers.

当我们远渡重洋来到这个三江交汇的黄金三角地,冲击着我们思潮的是老一代钢铁城市所代表的勤勉, 和当今创新高科技产业所带来的时尚和便利。  同时,和其他留学异乡的学子一样, 我们想念着家乡的食物和熟悉的娱乐形式。
于是, 我们一群充满激情的匹兹堡高校学生(校友),决定用自己的力量丰富匹兹堡华人的文化娱乐生活, 让KTV这一极具亚洲文化的娱乐形式安家落户。  我们的团队中有资深的管理人员,充满创造力的设计师,疯狂的程序员,专业的音效工程师,和经验丰富的市场营销人员——当然,还有我们共有的属性——流行文化的热情传承者。 多元化的团队组成, 让我们对客户和市场有了更深层次的理解和把握。

经过一年多的努力, 我们终于将KBOX —— 这个匹兹堡首家专业KTV 娱乐中心 —— 呈现在了大家眼前。KBOX 目前拥有独立KTV包厢9间, 普通包间可容纳6-8人,迷你小包可容纳3-4人,VIP大包可以容纳16人。
邀友人而共赏,借鼓乐以忘忧, 希望我们的精心打造, 能够给远离家乡的您带来慰藉与欢愉。
KBOX, 恭候您的光临

214 S. Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA15213 Tel: 412-621-2860