KBOX on CMU Tartan news!

So excited to see this wonderful report from CMU Tartan! KBOX will continue providing outstanding system and service to give all our customers the best KARAOKE experience.

Your support is important to us. We thank every customer who have visited us in the past and wish to see you soon again. 

We love the comments students made in the report:


When asked whether KBox seems like a good social hub for students, first-year decision science major Steven Wang, a Chinese-American student, said, “Yeah, I think KBox is a good place to reconnect with your cultural roots if you’re Chinese since you can meet up with other Chinese friends, but at the same time I would go to KBox just to sing even if I wasn’t Chinese.”

When asked if KBox added to diversifying Chinese community life on campus, first-year computer science and math double major Jichao Sun said, “It seems unique. It’s not your average Chinese student association club.”



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